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In the world of professional printing, the printer often takes the spotlight, but the unsung hero behind the flawless final product is the ink used. At SIGNRACER, we recognize the pivotal role of inks and have dedicated extensive research and innovation to develop a range of high-quality inks that cater to diverse printing needs. The superiority of SIGNRACER inks lies in their unique attributes, setting new standards in the printing industry.

The Role of Inks in Professional Printing

Inks play a crucial role in professional printing as they are responsible for transferring images, texts, and graphics onto various substrates. The quality of the ink directly affects the final output, including color vibrancy, sharpness, and durability. Therefore, it is essential to use inks that are specifically designed for optimal performance and meet the highest standards.


The Superiority of SIGNRACER Inks


Ink Reservoirs for Stable Printer Operation

SIGNRACER inks bring innovation to the forefront right from the ink reservoirs. In our design, the ink bottles serve as printer ink reservoirs, ensuring a slow aging process of the ink. By preventing the mixing of old and new inks, we maintain a stable printer operation without sediments in the bottles.

Quality Manufacturing and Low Viscosity Formulation

Quality is at the core of SIGNRACER inks. Manufactured by Nutec Digital following the highest standards, our OEM inks boast of a low viscosity formulation that operates at a temperature of just 38°C – 40°C. This unique feature calls for less cleaning during operation and mitigates ink aging in the system, delivering consistent, high-quality prints.

Versatility to Meet Diverse Client Requirements

Versatility is another hallmark of SIGNRACER inks. Whether it’s printing on leather with long-term high flexibility or ensuring maximum adhesion on all types of materials, our inks can handle it all. This versatility enables you to meet a wide range of client requirements.

Environmental Responsibility with GREENGUARD Gold Certification

In our pursuit of excellence, we have not overlooked the importance of environmental responsibility. SIGNRACER inks come with the GREENGUARD Gold Certification, guaranteeing low chemical emissions. This commitment to decreasing indoor pollution levels not only reduces the risk of health issues but also makes our inks suitable for use in children’s rooms or educational settings.

Integrated Digital Primers for Enhanced Performance

Our integrated digital primers further elevate the performance of SIGNRACER inks. These primers can print adhesion promoter under printed areas only, resulting in strong adhesion to the material and creating unique effects with white and color on top. Paired with our high-performance UV LED technology that can cure the primers directly or with delayed curing, we offer solutions apt for industrial production purposes involving challenging materials.

Exceptional UV Inks for Rigid Substrates

The prowess of SIGNRACER inks extends to our exceptional UV inks as well. Specially formulated for rigid substrates and suitable for LED UV lamps, these inks display superior media adhesion qualities. They can be used without primer on a diverse array of rigid materials, including polycarbonate, melamine, fluted polypropylene, glass, acrylic, and ceramics. The inks offer an outstanding color gamut and are optimized for Ricoh Gen. 5 and Gen. 6 print heads, ensuring sharp, vivid, and durable prints.

The Power of Synergy: SIGNRACER Inks and Printers

While each of these features sets SIGNRACER inks apart, their true power is unleashed when paired with SIGNRACER printers. This synergy, born out of our commitment to excellence and innovation, allows us to deliver unmatched print quality. From developing our own inks and waveforms to perfectly match our printers, especially for small drop print heads like Gen. 5s and high frequency like Gen. 6, to delivering an expansive spectrum of tones with exceptional precision in grayscale printing – we leave no stone unturned in ensuring top quality at maximum printing speeds without compromise.

Seamless Integration

At SIGNRACER, we are driven by the power of innovation and synergy. Our unwavering focus on delivering the highest quality prints stems from a deep understanding of how different components interact and can be optimized to work seamlessly together. This dedication sets us apart.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to elevate printing standards and redefine the realms of possibility in the printing industry.

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