Print on anything with SIGNRACER


SIGNRACER is specialized on industrial applications. The combination of premium print head and ink technology combined with a wide process know-how makes us a preferred partner for industrial customers. SIGNRACER uses exclusive products like the Ricoh Gen. 5s print head with 2.5 pl and several industrial inks like Premiumflex HD for leather printing which are unique in the market. We are focussed on product specific ink developments with our customers.


Printing on Shoes

The combination of the SIGNRACER 1610 High Bridge with the Premiumflex HD inks allows us to print on higher leather components like finished shoes and suit cases. Printing on finished products opens new design possibilities.


Glass Printing

With the high adhesion inks from Signracer it is possible to print on glass without any primer. The high adhesion character of the ink is also usable for safety glass.


Printing on Leather

SignRacer, a leading brand in large format printing, has introduced a new solution for printing directly onto genuine leather – a hybrid LED UV printer with flexible ink. This combination of cutting-edge technology and specialized ink creates stunning prints on leather, fake leather, fabrics, and melamine with long-term flexibility and stretch ability.

The low-viscosity ink used in this printer has been specifically developed for LED printing and offers excellent adhesion on flexible materials. The ink boasts high density colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, white, and varnish. This ensures that prints are vibrant and retain their color for an extended period of time, even when stretched or exposed to wear and tear.

One of the key advantages of the hybrid LED UV printer is its ability to print directly onto flexible materials, like leather, without the need for a transfer process. This not only saves time and resources but also results in a more durable final product, as the ink is bonded directly to the material. The printer also features a conveyor belt and a removable media table, making it easier to handle and print onto large format materials.

SignRacer’s hybrid LED UV printer with flexible ink is the perfect solution for industries that require high-quality prints on flexible materials, such as the fashion and upholstery industries. With its ability to produce high-quality, long-lasting prints in a short amount of time, the printer is ideal for fast-paced production environments.

Leather is one of the most difficult applications in the market. The variation of leather treatments make it very difficult to develop an ink for a wide range of leathers. Therefore the SIGNRACER Premiumflex HD inks were developed with brand new raw materials which achieve a long term flexibility and meet the required 50.000 “Bally test cycles”.

In conclusion, SignRacer’s hybrid LED UV printer with flexible ink is a game-changer in the world of leather printing. The combination of advanced technology and specialized ink provides industries with a solution for producing high-quality, flexible prints that are durable and long-lasting. With its high-speed printing capability, user-friendly software, and commitment to customer satisfaction, SignRacer is a leader in the large format printing industry, providing a reliable and efficient solution for printing directly onto genuine leather.


Spot and neon colours

Many premium design products require special colours. We are developing new spot colours and yellow and red neon colours to meet the requirements of several industries.



Based on our HD technology with the Ricoh Gen. 5s print head (2.5pl) we the are ideal partner for the packaging industry. The SIGNRACER HD is able to print mock-ups with smallest letters and special effects like varnish.


Wallpapers and textiles

The water-based pigment ink called SIGNRACER WBP can print on blue back and other papers. In addition, we can print on wallpapers and textiles. The big advantage is the ecological and smell free nature of the WBP inks. Also the ink is fixed to the media with very high temperature which makes it 100% water resistant.



New software development allows Signracer to automatically print the same file or different files in an unlimited number of layers on top of each other.

To keep the highest accuracy in the 3D printing we need to keep the print head in a constant distance to the media. This is achieved by the automated adjustment of the carriage. Our technology allows customers (f.i. watch industry) to print 3D effects in the highest possible precision.