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About us

The Signracer GmbH know-how is based on more than ten years experience in the ink and printer business. New printers and inks are tested constantly in Switzerland. The minimum validation time is 6 month to fulfill highest production requirements. Since 2004 digital printers are offered under the name SIGNRACER.

At FESPA 2012 in Barcelona the major highlight was the presentation of the Amethyst UV-ink from NUtec.

At FESPA 2013 in London the new SIGNRACER UV printer series was presented with conventional Mercury gas lamps.  The flatbed Signracer 1610 with Ricoh Gen 4 print heads was equipped with the new Amethyst A50-UV-MPX inks. The ink has the best adhesion in the market.

For FESPA 2014 in Munich a completely new high performance LED was developed on the SIGNRACER UV series.  In combination with the further improved Amethyst A50-UV-MPX inks this printer also targets industrial customers.

In December 2014 Signracer signed an OEM agreement with Ricoh. The new Ricoh Gen. 5 print head is very robust and especially developed for high end industrial printing.

At FESPA 2015 in Cologne the SIGNRACER 1600 H-LED with the Amethyst SR-100 ink and the SIGNRACER 2512 LED with the Amethyst A50-UV-MPX ink were presented. The Amethyst A50-UV-MPX ink has an excellent adhesion on different material and is very flexible.

At the Open House in March 2016 Signracer presented the new developed printer series SIGNRACER HD (High Definition). Signracer is already using the Ricoh MH5420 print head with 7 pl drop size since 2014 in the standard models. Based on the close partnership with Ricoh Signracer became a development partner for the new Ricoh MH5220 (Gen. 5s) print head with only 2.5 pl drop size. The new MH5220 is a benchmark product in the industry and enables the new SIGNRACER HD series to print the finest graphics and highest quality in the market. Signracer is the first company launching the Ricoh MH5220 in Europe. First sales started in October 2016.

At FESPA Hamburg 2017 Signracer presents the new Ricoh MH5220 print head on a SIGNRACER 2512 HD flatbed printer together with the new low viscosity inks SIGNRACER SR-200 HD. The SIGNRACER 3200 hybrid printer will be presented with the Ricoh MH5420 print head with 7 pl.  Another new development is the increased performance of the adjustable LED system which increases the performance from 9.5 to 14 Watt/cm2, almost a 50% increase in curing power.

Signracer presents at FESPA Berlin 2018 the new HydroSpeed+ with linear motor for highest speeds of 320m2/h. The first HydroSpeed was introduced at Viscom Italy in September 2017. Also being introduced in 2018 is the new ink Signracer WB. An innovative water based pigment ink for outdoor applications, is able to print on several materials like blue back papers, textiles and wallpapers. The ink forms a special surface film for highest water and scratch resistance.

At Fespa 2019 Munich SIGNRACER presents the new high bridge flatbed SIGNRACER 1610HB. This UV printer can print on media up to 25 cm height.
The Signracer 3020 is our largest UV flatbed with a symmetrical print head configuration, with Kyocera print heads and a brand new High-Tech linear motor that allows a much higher carriage speed of 1.5 m/s compared to 1.0 m/s for the belt systems.
The third new UV printer is the Signracer 3200RTR. This role-to-role printer also uses a symmetrical Kyocera print head configuration to achieve highest productivity. With Fespa Signracer also started to sell the new Signracer TEX printer series for printing on sublimation papers.

In September 2021, the first trade fair for customers after the pandemic was held again in Milano. SIGNRACER was present with with a flatbed and a hybrid printer.

In 2022 SIGNRACER further focusses on industrial projects (like fashion, 3D-printing for watches etc.). Also the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification has been achieved with the SIGNRACER IN Ink.

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