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 TEX3200 plus web


Print head configuration:

  • Kyocera KJ4B / 4 print heads

Key Features:

  • Outstanding performance with printing speeds up to 360m2/h
  • Switching from transfer paper to direct printing in only 10 min
  • Creative auto-wiping print head self-cleaning system
  • Tension-adjustable continuous winding/unwinding control technology
  • Removable vacuum system for use of both paper and textile types
  • Outstanding printing quality and stability
  • Software with high-efficiency data processing technology
  • Cost effective products bring you more business and profit
  • Robust mechanical design with 24/7 industrial performance
  • Degassing system for high speed printing without ink starvation

Magnetic linear motor and steel rail beam

The rail beam is made of high-strength steel with top
The linear motor technology allows a much higher carriage speed.


   Flyer SIGNRACER TEX3200+

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