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Highest adhesion for industrial applications.

  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • New colours Light Black, Orange, Violet
  • Low viscosity ink developed for LED
  • Highest adhesion on industrial materials
  • Limited solvent resistance
  • High flexibility and colour density

The GREENGUARD Gold Certification ensures the interior products are low in chemical emissions, decreasing indoor pollution levels. This program sets the most stringent guidelines for total VOC emissions. Greenguard Gold Certified products emit minimal gases. They maintain healthy indoor air quality, by reducing our chemical exposure. Low level of formaldehyde emissions specifically, makes them suitable for use in child’s room or educational settings which has to meet even stricter standards. Lower emissions mean healthier indoor air, thereby reducing the risk of asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases; eye, nose, throat irritation; reproductive and developmental defects; various diseases and forms of cancer.

Available Colours

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Light-Cyan
  • Light-Magenta
  • Light Black
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • White
  • Varnish