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HydroSpeed TURBO

Large Format Water-based Printer

Printer Control Panel
Emergency Stop Button
Integrated Workstation PC with Print Software
Media tension bar
Media winding control panel
Equipped with servo motor for media feeding and take-up
Media unwinding bar with optional jumbo roll feeder
Pneumatic media tension bar
Media Take-up System
8 Ink tanks with 6 liter capacity for greater print authonomy
Emergency stop button
Media winding/unwinding control panel


Print heads

Print technology
Multi-drop technology
Print Heads
Kyocera KJ4B / 4 Print Heads
Physical Resolution
2*300 dpi
Nozzle Quantity / Drop Size
2656 nozzles | 5-7-12 pl grayscale
Max. Frequency
30 KHz

Physical Properties

Print Width
1900 mm
Carriage Speed
Linear Motor 1.2 m/s
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
4200 x 1550 x 1900 mm
1700 kg

Media / Drying

Media Transport
Roll to Roll
Winding / Unwinding
Tension-adjustable continuous winding/unwinding control
Max. Media Width / Max. Print Width
1900 mm
Max. Media Width
1950 mm
Media Thickness
Maximum 2 mm
Max. Roll Weight
200 kg
Media / Drying System
IR drying
IR Heater Power
16.5 kW

Printing Speeds

320 m2/h
195 m2/h
120 m2/h

Ink Specifications

Certified Ink Series
Colour Configurations

Ink Tank / Bottle

6L / 5L